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Loughborough University


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11SAB552 - Professional and Business PracticeInformation
11SAB553 - Art Histories and TheoriesInformation
11SAB554 - Visual Culture: Histories and TheoriesInformation
11SAB555 - Design and Material Culture: Histories and TheoriesInformation
11SAB621 - Materials, Processes and Conceptual ApplicationInformation
11SAB622 - Sampling and Textile ManufactureInformation
11SAC116 - Professional Fine Art PracticeInformation
11SAC117 - Fine Art Practice: Final ProjectInformation
11SAC224 - Multi-Media Textiles Final ProjectInformation
11SAC227 - Negotiated Practice in Multi-Media TextilesInformation
11SAC247 - Printed Textiles InnovationInformation
11SAC248 - Printed Textiles Final ProjectInformation
11SAC267 - Woven Textiles Specialist StudyInformation
11SAC268 - Woven Textiles Final ProjectInformation
11SAC310 - Consolidating InterestsInformation
11SAC311 - 3D Design Major ProjectInformation
11SAC431 - Graphic Communication Contexts (1)Information
11SAC432 - Graphic Communication Contexts (2)Information
11SAC456 - Illustration and/or Animation Project (1)Information
11SAC458 - Illustration and/or Animation Project (2)Information
11SAC500 - Art and Design DissertationInformation
11SAC631 - Textiles: Innovation and InteractionInformation
11SAC632 - Final Project Textiles Studio PracticeInformation
11SAI001 - Industrial Training Placement (DPS, non credit bearing)Information
11SAI002 - Foreign University Placement (DIntS, non credit bearing)Information
11SAP001 - Proposing PracticeInformation
11SAP002 - Situating PracticeInformation
11SAP002_2 - Situating PracticeInformation
11SAP003 - Practice, Research and Entrepreneurial SkillsInformation
11SAP004 - Exploring Materials, Processes and TechniquesInformation
11SAP004_2 - Exploring Materials, Processes and TechniquesInformation
11SAP006 - Research Methods and MethodologiesInformation
11SAP007 - Final Project and PresentationInformation
11SAP007_2 - Final Project and PresentationInformation
11SAP009 - Final ProjectInformation
11SAP010 - Publics: Histories, Theories and Critical PracticesInformation
11SAP011 - Art Practice, Art Writing and Art CurationInformation
11SAP012 - The Public RealmInformation
11SAP013 - Research, Practice and ProposalInformation
11SAP014 - Public Project: Final Major ProjectInformation
11SAP020 - Research Methods and MethodologiesInformation
11SAP021 - Practice MethodologiesInformation
11SAP022 - Critical Themes for PracticeInformation
11SAP023 - Practice as ResearchInformation
11SAP024 - Integrated ProjectInformation
11SAP101 - Visual Thinking and CommunicationInformation
11SAP103 - Final Project: Realisation and PresentationInformation
11SAP104 - Visualisation: 2D and 3D opportunitiesInformation
11SAP201 - Challenging TraditionsInformation
11SAP204 - Materials and Process ResearchInformation