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Loughborough University
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11EUL308 - Spanish Language 8Information
11EUL309 - Spanish Language 9Information
11EUL310 - Spanish Language 10Information
11EUL311 - Spanish Language 11Information
11EUL312 - Spanish Language 12Information
11EUL321 - Spanish Language 1Information
11EUL322 - Spanish Language 2Information
11EUL323 - Spanish Language 3Information
11EUL324 - Spanish Language 4Information
11EUL325 - Spanish Language 5Information
11EUL326 - Spanish Language 6Information
11EUL401 - Beginner's Mandarin Chinese AInformation
11EUL403 - Intermediate Mandarin Chinese CInformation
11EUL405 - Advanced Mandarin Chinese EInformation
11EUL422 - Beginner's Mandarin Chinese BInformation
11EUL424 - Intermediate Mandarin Chinese DInformation
11EUL426 - Advanced Mandarin Chinese FInformation
11EUP124 - Research MethodsInformation
11EUP125 - Research DesignInformation
11EUP131 - Project/DissertationInformation
11EUP205 - The European Union and the Global Political EconomyInformation
11EUP206 - International Relations TheoryInformation
11EUP300 - Institutions and Policy Making in the European UnionInformation
11EUP303 - Comparative Foreign Policy: Issues and CasesInformation
11EUP306 - International Politics: Concepts and TheoriesInformation
11EUP307 - International Politics: Issues and PoliciesInformation
11EUP309 - Theorising the Asia-PacificInformation
11EUP311 - Protest and ResistanceInformation
11EUP312 - Spanish Policy in the AmericasInformation
11EUP313 - Contemporary France and French Influence in the Wider WorldInformation
11EUP314 - National Identity and NationalismInformation
11EUP315 - The British in Europe: New Labour's Logic of HistoryInformation
11EUP316 - Gender and International PoliticsInformation
11EUP317 - The Vigilant State: Intelligence and Security in the 21st CenturyInformation
11EUP600 - International Relations TheoryInformation
11EUP601 - The European Union and the Global Political EconomyInformation
11EUP603 - Comparative Foreign Policy: Issues and CasesInformation
11EUP604 - Research MethodsInformation
11EUP605 - DissertationInformation
11EUP606 - International Politics: Issues and PoliciesInformation
11EUZ001 - Employability - Resources and informationInformation
11EUZ002 - Information about internationalising and professionalising your degreeInformation
11EUZ003 - Preparing for your International SemesterInformation
11EUZ004 - Placement InformationInformation
11EUA608_2 - British GovernmentInformation
11EUP131_2 - Project/DissertationInformation
11EUC640_60 - Dissertation in PoliticsInformation